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Internet marketing solutions for small businessesWhen it comes to SEO, we know our stuff

With more than 50 years of experience amongst our SEO & SEM consultants, we have all the skills you’ll ever need to move your marketing forward.

Being extremely cost conscious…

…we cater for whatever your financial situation is – from individuals working on less than a shoestring budget to multinational companies who prefer to pull out all the stops, all without breaking the bank.

Whatever your marketing needs, we’re here to assist you in achieving your marketing goals.  With tons of experience we cater to fulfill the marketing needs of individuals and small to medium sized companies.

Some of the internet marketing solutions we offer are free; others come at extremely affordable prices.

At Internet Marketing Solutions Online, we don’t boast about how big we are, because we’re not.  We are a small group of highly motivated and knowledgeable web marketing consultants.  We believe big isn’t necessarily better; we believe in delivering quality work to retain valued customers – year in, year out.  When you succeed, we succeed – simple as that!

So, whatever your marketing needs, we will bend over backwards to assist you to achieve your marketing goals.

Feel free to put us to the test; consider starting your journey with us by requesting a free SEO report of your website today…

Here’s how our internet marketing strategies will help you gain more free visitors to your website

Responsive Website Design and Development

Website Creation

Design and development of responsive websites that’s easy to navigate, SEO friendly and just darn awesome!

Website Analysis & SEO Optimization

Thorough analysis of your website’s SEO health & implementation of sound SEO practices

Social Marketing

Spreading the word about your products & services through Social Media

Responsible Linkbuilding

Responsible link building creating authority in the eyes of search engines

Video Production and -Marketing

Video creation and -marketing: one of the most effective ways to market!

SEO Training

Providing top-quality hand picked training courses for SEO DIY’ers. Available on DVD or to download immediately

Professional Voice-Overs

Professional voice-overs (all languages) created by professionals, ensuring superb sound quality

Free Webtraffic Advice

Regular updates on how to get more web traffic, better conversions and more sales!

Not sure where to start to increase the number of visitors to your site?

The best place to start is to evaluate your websites health.  We will help you to get an overview of what’s going on under the hood of your website.  It’s totally free and there are no strings attached.  So go ahead and click the button below!


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